The Anglican Church


Anglican Religious Education

Educating the young of any church is an important function, and the Anglican Church takes it seriously. They have their own standards of religious education for all groups, and it begins with the children in their local churches. Schooling for children follows a regular curriculum, and it is geared to help them understand the basic information and history of their faith. Many of the Anglican churches in different countries share their information online.

The Canadian Anglican Church has one of the more interesting ways to help their teachers educate children, and they use the Church Mouse to help outline Sunday school lessons. It is an invaluable tool that assists children with relating to unseen entities, and the lessons are designed to make learning fun. While they will have more concrete and sober lessons when they are older, this is a good introduction to the basic information about their faith.

There are many countries where the majority of the parishioners are children, and there is an Outreach program to assist teachers. They put together lesson plans for children in several age brackets, and they are geared towards whatever country the church is serving. Adapting information to help locals adjust is a good way to keep the interest of the youth, and it gives them a way to share the information correctly with their parents who might not attend the same church.

While education for the youth is important, educating adults who did not grow up within the church is also a priority. Local religious educators now have many online resources to help them teach their older parishioners, so they can press ahead with lessons designed for students with an expanded world view. Not all lessons will translate into every culture, but sharing resources online is a good way to help teachers plan lessons that will have the greatest impact.