The Anglican Church


Historic Churches of England

There are a great number of existing Anglican churches with a significant amount of history. These buildings have been well preserved. Many are still in use today. Their congregations are often aware of the historical value of their church and work diligently to preserve the past while celebrating the present. When these buildings need repair, their congregations work to keep their historical value intact. They realize the value of history for future generations.

Roofs are often the part of a church that will need repair. If timely repairs are not completed, damage can spread through the entire church during a rain storm. For historical buildings, keeping up with roof repairs is often a costly prospect. Modern roofing has helped to keep costs down. Building materials such as shingles are now made to last decades. This has helped many churches weather well without significant costs to the local members.

Stained glass windows have been very popular for churches ever since they were invented. Because of the Catholic roots of the Anglican Church, many of them contain these works of art. Older stained glass windows are often in need of repair. They can pull away from the window casings over time. This allows rain water and dust to enter the church. Keeping them repaired is an important part of church building maintenance.

Many congregations spend the time and effort to keep their windows in good repair. For some, the effort may be monumental. The windows must be taken completely out to repair them correctly. Temporary replacement windows are often ugly. One way to maintain the correct lighting in the church during repair is to use glass decals or glass transfers on temporary panes. This allows the congregation to enjoy the same Biblical scenes as the original window until it has been fully restored.